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ScarletBurst was created to serve as an intermediary between artists and radio stations. We have been able to connect with several radio stations across the country, committing them to the growth and capacity building of artists across the country. For registered artists, ScarletBurst was designed to deliver a one-click nationwide broadcast of QUALITY uploaded content and GUARANTEED AIRPLAY on radio stations at very affordable rates.

We have made a binding promise to our radio partners to deliver quality music, creating a platform for artists that would contribute to the growth of the up and coming who have the desire to be heard.

We have discussed and gathered information on radio music quality standards we would like to share with you before uploading content. It is adviced that the artist should make sure content is a clean version before upload, also artist should note that every upload means you have given rights to ScarletBurst to use its channels for broadcast.

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Let us create a network where our music can be heard more for a price close to none.

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